It Bites

I’ve never been a huge fan of vampire stories, maybe the occasional Hammer Horror film, but that’s about it. I’ve always pitied vampires for being doomed creatures bound by a Faustian pact. Their humanity traded for their mortality.

Over time, the character of the vampire has changed. It’s become more human, overtly sexual and generally impervious to harm. This takes away a lot of the essential interest from them for me and that’s why I don’t feel drawn to them as a villain and even less so as an anti hero.

For me the vampire is someone who has forsaken everything that makes them a person in exchange for power over themselves and others. Why they have become so popular is teen fiction is a mystery to me.

One thought on “It Bites

  1. I don’t think most vampires have a choice in the matter. At least traditionally, they are transformed by being bitten by other vampires. Still, I, too, do not like the direction the mythology is headed in. I prefer my vampires like Dracula, or, in my case, Drasmyr (my book).

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