Way back in the late 90s I used to be inseparable from my portable Minidisc player. Before mp3 players became popular, this was the best way to carry around crystal clear digital music with you. The range of albums available to buy was never as wide as CD was so I copied my albums over onto blank Minidiscs, but this was an easy compromise for someone raised on C90 tapes.

The Minidisc trumped everything else on the market because it was an excellent portable recording device as well as being a great player. I used mine to record concerts, study notes, drunk friends at parties – all in perfect digital sound. After many years of service, my Minidisc eventually wore out. I bought a second player which had some of the additional features Sony brought along towards the end of its lifetime. NetMD was a poor competitor to Apple’s new iPods and so unfortunately the Minidisc went the way of Betamax.

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