Dinner Time

I’m not the best cook in the world, but I can slice an onion – and preparing veg is two thirds of being able to cook. I dropped geography at school so that I could study cookery and so whilst I’m a bit ropey at naming European capitals I can at least rustle up a three course dinner.

Putting together a main evening meal isn’t really all that difficult. Far more difficult (in my humble opinion) is trying to make and interesting and half way healthy packed lunch to take to work each day. It requires a lot more creativity to make a meal that survives the journey in a lunch box/bag and the is also enjoyable to eat in a thirty minute window. A much more difficult challenge.

One thought on “Dinner Time

  1. i agree with the struggle for lunch! but then, making your own does give a certain freedom and creativity component – much like making your own dinner. as for slicing an onion, well, there are plenty out there who can’t 🙂

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