Top of the Pops

Over the last few years I’ve realised that I listen to an awful lot less music than I used to. Certainly a lot less new music. I still listen to the radio but I’ve gradually shifted across the airwaves to BBC Radio 4, which is mostly spoken word rather than music.

I buy a lot of radio plays and audiobooks which fill my iPod, plus I subscribe about twenty or so different podcasts as well. I have previously listened to music as a way of relaxing and these days I find the sound of discussion or a story will do that better.

Sometimes I find myself picking up on an old album or I dig out the back catalogue of an existing artist. Streaming services like Last.FM are good for this and it allows me to sample sounds that I perhaps couldn’t motive myself to purchase on CD or download. My earphones are still getting plenty of use, just in a different way to how they used to be.

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