Nil Nil Draw

I’ve never been a huge fan of football (or soccer if you prefer) so with Euro 2012 filling the TV schedules and pubs of this land, there’s very little to hold my interest. I can just about sit through a whole game, though 90 minutes of mid field squabbling will sorely test my patience. I don’t mind the tension of a penalty shoot out, in fact if a match takes that long to produce a winner, I’m glad that there’s a way to reach a conclusion decisively.

I don’t mind referees and I don’t see the need for video replays, they’ll just slow down the flow of the game even further. 99.9% of human referee decisions are correct anyway. It is a shame that so much of the money is in the hands of so few teams, but without wage caps and NFL style management of the leagues the playing field will remain uneven.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate football by any means. In fact, if by some remote chance England are victories this year, I’ll be genuinely happy. Though that’ll be because I’ve drawn them in the office sweepstake.

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