Worlds Collide

I’ve just finished reading the first issue of the new Doctor Who/Star Trek : The Next Generation crossover comic series “Assimilated2.” Whilst there hasn’t been much time for our space and time travelling heroes to interact with each other, the alliance between The Borg and The Cybermen seems to work very well.

Whilst it may seem obvious to pair up the two villainous cyborg races, I’m really glad The Daleks weren’t chosen for this storyline. I’ve always found Cybermen to be more scary than Daleks anyway. Daleks either enslave you or disintegrate you. Cybermen make you one of them.

In that respect, The Borg are much the same so as long as they are running on compatible software to The Cybermen, the alliance should work well for them. As for how The Doctor will get on with Picard and his crew… it’s too early to tell.

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