Nobody Can Hear You

Since the new movie ‘Prometheus’ was released I’ve been wanting to re-watch the original four Alien films and see if they were as good as I remembered.

The first film, ‘Alien,’ is almost as old as I am, but has aged well. Only some of the rubber suited alien scenes at the end of the movie stand out as looking particularly dated. It’s probably not action packed enough for today’s audiences, but it’s still watchable.

Aliens is an all out action movie and is my personal favourite of the series. Lots more guns, lots more aliens and the extra scenes in the special edition were justifiably re-inserted.

Alien 3 is the only one I’ve ever seen at the cinema. The film went through numerous changes before release and after the space marine heavy film before it, this seemed slow paced. Watched from the sofa, this is better than I remembered and looks great on Blu Ray.

Alien Resurrection is probably the weakest of the set. It’s so many steps removed from the original that it doesn’t feel like the same series. The CGI aliens have aged liked the rubber suited aliens from the original. However, with Prometheus on the big screen and talks of a follow up, it seems like there will be plenty more movies set in this universe.

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