Out and About

Despite a heavy downpour of rain in the early hours of the morning, today quickly became bright and pleasant. Wandering around a foreign city with no plans and no agenda is always a liberating and enjoyable experience. This is true even though I have next to no mastery of the Finnish language and an innate inability to remember to look the OTHER way when crossing the road. A breezy ‘Hello’ instead of a ‘Hei’ at the checkout seems to be enough for your typically tri-lingual Finn to recognise that you’re not from round here. As for crossing the road… I’ll keep working on that.

Having a quick scoot around the markets in Helsinki is always great fun. The smell of fresh fruit and bread will literally stop you in your tracks. The other thing that stopped me in my tracks was the stall selling anatomically correct male and female genitalia made from chocolate. €30 for a double pack, which seemed a little pricey, even for Finland. I went for a bar of Fazer instead…

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