Up, Up and Away

I don’t particularly enjoy flying all that much. I’m by no means what you’d call a ‘bad flyer’ but I find the whole process of battling through airports quite stressful, the actual time spent in the air is rarely comfortable and worst of all there are all those other passengers to share your personal space with.
Today’s flight to Helsinki was, as these things go, one of the better experiences I’ve had in the air. The queues were reasonably fast moving, the plane wasn’t overly hot and even the in-flight meal (Bavarian ham and cheese sandwich) tasted a lot better than you would perhaps expect.

The other passengers weren’t too anger-inducing either. Apart from an unruly four year old who spent the duration of the trip running up and down the aisle of her playground in the sky, whilst her mother slept – oblivious to her child’s activities.

The child’s favourite game was staring into the faces of sleeping passengers then waving her Teddy bear at them whilst squealing. Had the choice been mine, I think I’d have preferred it if she’d been stored in the overhead compartment.

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