You Found A Small Key

I’ve been playing the latest Legend of Zelda game on and off since it was released last year. Skyward Sword is great fun though it does owe an awful lot to Wii Sports Resort. My first Zelda game was Link to the Past, which I played on my brother’s SNES. It never really grabbed me at the time but back then I was a Sega fanboy obsessed with blue hedgehogs. Link’s Awakening on the Gameboy was the one that really made me see the light. Being on a portable system meant that I took the game with me everywhere. Ocarina of Time felt like the second coming but still to this day I find Majora’s Mask to be broken and almost unplayable. Windwaker was a highlight of the Gamecube years but Twilight Princess only ever felt like the Director’s Cut of Ocarina. There are other games in the series but I’ve either never played them or I’ve played them so little it’s not worth mentioning. Oh well, I guess that’s where the Virtual Console comes in.

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