Something Rings a Belle

To some people it may be a surprising thing to say, but I’ve never been tempted to purchase a fruit based phone (no Apple or Blackberry for me thanks) and my trusty Nokia N8 is currently my smartphone of choice.  It’s still the best camera phone available today and now that the firmware has been upgraded from the often laggy Nokia Anna to the super smooth Nokia Belle, it’s like having a brand new handset for me.  The installation was mostly pain free, but having to reinstall half of my apps was a nuisance.  However, it’s a small price to pay for my year and a bit old phone to get a shot in the arm – at no extra cost.  Perhaps one day I’ll be drawn to the new Nokia Lumia range, but until then, I’m happy with what I’ve got (maybe the laser gun will come along in the next update…)

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