Down at the Bottom of the Garden

Now that I am the proud owner of a greenhouse, I am going to make it my mission for this year to actually grow a few things in it.  The weather has been atrociously cold lately but I think Winter is gradually starting to fade away and (according to some of the seeds I’ve bought) I can start to get planting. 

I’ve got a table along one side to work on, where I have laid out my seeds trays.  I’ve got about a dozen of them, in various sizes containing (amongst other things) cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet corn.  On the opposite side of the greenhouse I’ve cleared a space for three large buckets that will be used to grow potatoes and to transplant the tomatoes once they’ve started to show signs of growth.

I suppose the greenhouse will become my little ‘man-cave’ but I quite enjoy getting my wellies on and trotting out there with my gardening gloves on and a flask of coffee in case I need to be refuelled.  I think I’ll treat myself to a pocket DAB radio soon, just so that I can listen to the BBC World Service whilst I’m in there.  There’s something very therapeutic about the whole thing but having someone talking to you stops it from feeling like such a solitary pursuit.

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