Tony the Toe Sock

I was given a pair of bright, stripy toe-socks the other day by someone at work.  I’m not normally a fan of toe socks myself, since I have big toes they never fit properly.  However, these socks were never destined to be worn, they had a far higher purpose – to be sock monsters.  I wanted to be quite economical and make a whole monster out of each sock, even though most of the books I’ve read recommend that the toes alone be kept to make mohawks or wings.  As such I took the basic pattern that I made Hoth with and with a few modifications, I was able to make Tony.  He’s very evenly proportioned, even though he does have one eye larger than the other.  His mouth is cut from felt, which gives him a similar expression to Pascal, Dook and Bo.  I’ve still got the other sock spare, so my next trick will probably be to create a one-sock pattern that looks similar but not identical to Tony.

Tony the Toe Sock
Tony the Toe Sock

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