Live On Stage

Spring is on its way and the sun is finally coming out more, even though it isn’t warm enough to go outside with no coat on yet. Yesterday the Sock Mistress and I were in town shopping when we overheard someone playing ‘I do like to be beside the seaside,’ over a crackling loudspeaker. Despite the squealing feedback, the tune was unmistakable. This immediately struck me as odd because the beach is miles away so it was strange music to be playing in the middle of a city. Upon closer investigation, it turned out that the sound was coming from a familiar looking, brightly coloured tent. It was, of course, a Punch and Judy man. It’s very rare to see a live Punch and Judy show around this neck of the woods, but it was very exciting to stumble across one. It was early in the day, so the audience wasn’t huge, but it did show that people are still drawn by the pull of Old Red Nose. I took some photos and I’ll use them as reference material for my own Punch and Judy set.

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