Holy Jeans Batman

My jeans have a hole in the lining of the pocket. This is a particular nuisance as that means anything I put in there ends up rolling down my right leg and bouncing off my foot onto the floor. This somewhat defeats the object of having pockets, since they exist in order to let you carry things in them. For this rare occasion I’ll have to do some sewing for practical purposes and not just monster making, which is the second most likely reason for me to reach for my needles. I don’t mind so much, in fact I’m quite glad that I can do more than reattach a button, which in itself is beyond most people these days. At least I won’t have to worry about untidy stitching, nobody will see my handiwork on the inside of a pocket. I guess I’ll have to make a mental note not to carry loose change around in there from now on.

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