Green and Leafy

Finally finished making my tree man. I used a blanket stitch to attach the two halves I’d already made, but it didn’t look quite right. As frustrating as it was, I unpicked all the stitches and started again using a tight back stitch. This time it came out looking a lot more tidy. I initially over stuffed him, so I had to take some of his filling out to keep him soft. Once I sewed up the hole at the base of his trunk he was complete and I’m very happy with him. Since he’s so top heavy he isn’t stable enough to stand upright but that doesn’t matter. I could always stand him in a plant pot, or lean him against a house plant – either would do for me. The buttons I used to decorate his leaves look perfect, so I’m very glad about those. This does of course mean that I’ve finished another monster, so I need to start thinking about what to make next. I’m going to start rummaging through my books of patterns to see what takes my fancy.

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