Halloween at Christmas

My latest plushy little creation is called Mr. Skelly.  He’s a soft, felt skeleton-man who looks a bit like one of the characters in the Zack and Wiki video game for Nintendo Wii. I didn’t have a pattern for him, just an outline of the general shape, so I drew the pattern myself on paper. A bit of pinning later and I was able to cut out the body, arms and legs. Well, at first I cut out the front and back of the legs, but forgot that I’d need a front and back to the arms. I counted 4 pieces and in my head I thought that tallied with the number of limbs he needed. Oh well… Once I had all the right body part, putting him together was pretty easy. I gave him enough stuffing to keep him fairly firm so that he’d stand upright but still leaving him cuddly. I’ve not made any monsters out of felt before, but I’ve got a few rolls of the stuff now and I think it should give me scope to make more than just sock-shaped ones.

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