More Plush Pals

Recently I’ve been reading a book called ‘Softies’ by Therese Laskey, a book I discovered in a store in Helsinki. I didn’t buy it at the time as the exchange rate meant that I couldn’t justify the large number of Euros it would have cost me. Luckily, once I was back in England it was easily available for a reasonable amount of pounds. The book is spiral bound, which is handy because it is quite thick and holds an envelope full of patterns attached to the back page. Unlike most of my books, this one isn’t exclusively about making monsters – there are a few conventional creatures in there like bunnies and dogs. There are even things like pincushions and paperweights that can me made out of felt, so there’s plenty of variety in here. The instructions are clear and there are lots of high quality pictures to guide you through each project. Everything in here has layers of humour and charm slapped over it. I’m particularly looking forward to making a ‘Lonely Dollop’ who is a little brown blob of poo – perfect for a stocking filler this Christmas 🙂


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