Curious Creatures

The first book I started reading for monster making inspiration was “Plush-O-Rama” by Linda Kopp. It’s firmly aimed at adults who want to express a bit of creativity and bring to life their own strange and (usually) multi-limbed creatures. It covers the different kinds of stitch you’re likely to need to know and recommends suitable materials for shaping into plush characters. The patterns are simple and straightforward but leave plenty of room for introducing your own modifications. Luckily for me, it doesn’t assume you’ll have a sewing machine, even though it does admit that some tasks will be easier if you do. The range of monsters is diverse and they are all weirdly wacky enough to sit proudly next to my Sock Monsters. A nice touch is the short biographies of the people who have provided the patterns and character designs, which give a bit of insight into the warped, twisted minds that have dreamt them up. I’ve made a shortlist of the monsters that appeal the most to me, but before I go shopping for materials, I’ve got a few other books to read through first…

Curious Creatures
Curious Creatures

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