Back to the sewing box

Well, after a break of over half a year, it’s time for me to pick up my needle and thread once more and start making things again. Other time consuming projects (i.e. work) have kept me away from manufacturing monsters, but now is the time to dust off my sewing box and get back to business.

The Sock Monsters I made both for myself and for friends are still skulking in corners and peering out of wardrobes, but I’m not planning on making any more at the moment. Instead I want to try making some different kinds of monsters, ones that look very different from each other and the monsters I’ve made in the past.

I’ve got a few new books of patterns and I’m going to have to do a bit of shopping first before I can begin. I’ve already got the tools of the trade, needles, pins, thread etc. but so that my monsters have greater variety I need to get new materials to build them with.

Very exciting stuff!

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