All The Small Things

Last night I began making a new Sock Monster, he’s going to be a gift for a very talented chap in Cardiff who’s sending me one of his fabulous doodles as a sort of swap. Normally my Sock Monsters are made with rather large socks, as I’ve got rather large feet, but this one is much smaller. He’s going to be less than half the size of the usual Sockymon – more of a Sockymini. This time I’ve used children’s socks for his body. When I cut out his pattern I exaggerated his neck and head a bit because I wanted his proportions to stand out better, as he’s on a smaller scale than I’m used to. The limbs are cut out and stitched together, they just need attaching to the main body. Once done, it’s just a case of turning him out, stuffing him then giving him some features. Shaping his lips might be tricky with a heel this size, but I won’t know until I try making them.

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