Good Achievement

Last weekend, The Sock Mistress and I took a brief sabbatical in order to recharge our batteries after the post-Xmas comedown. We stayed in a guest house we know and love, not very far from where the Bell brothers used to do their writing.

Continuing with the literary theme, one of my personal addictions (amongst many) is bookshops, but not ones like Borders or Waterstones, who pad out their shelves according to whatever Richard and Judy recommend. There are two particular kinds that I like, the first is discount bookshops, because they are cheap and because they sell the books that normal people don’t buy 🙂 For these two reasons I can usually pick up something that’s a bit different without spending a lot of money. I can happily waste a lot of time browsing bargain bins for that kind of stuff.

I also like second hand book shops, though these can be a great deal more expensive than they perhaps should be, The tend to be full of the books that people feel are worth holding onto, so they retain their monetary value. These are the kind of book shops we found ourselves in last weekend and we managed to walk away with enough books to fill two shopping bags, so it was a decent sized haul.

The book that I was most please with was “Sketching in Pencil,” by Guy R. Williams from 1963. It’s a good beginners guide to drawing, covering all the fundamentals like perspective, shading, pencil types etc. The reason this particular copy made me so happy was the dedication on the inside of the book as it had been awarded to a Ms. Lynne Thomas, of Form IIIC, for good achievement. I don’t know if this is the sort of thing schools do any more as rewarding success might encourage a sense of competition in impressionable minds…

The ‘acting’ Head Mistress and the Chairman of the Governors have both signed the book, which is a nice touch. I guess I’ve got a slightly romanticised image in my head of someone receiving the gift of being able to draw which strikes me as a really nice thing. I’m not sure if Ms. Thomas did learn much from the book, but I’m hoping that I will.

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