Episode III : Reversing the Stitch

It's alive!
It's Alive!

Well, it’s at times like this that it’s worth having a few sore fingers.  I’ve made my first Sock Monster and his name is Hoth, after the planet in Empire Strikes back.  His balaclava has more than a passing resemblance to  hats/helmets worn at the beginning of the movie.  I struggled with some of the assembly instructions, particularly when making the ears, but overall I’m pleasantly surprised with just how well he’s turned out.  I think all my Sock Monsters are going to be tall and thin, because of my big feet (size 13) but it’ll give them a bit of family resemblance at least.  I reckon my stitching will even hold up to a spin in the washing machine too.  I’ve really caught the bug now, so I don’t think it will be long before Hoth has a friend or two.